Ridho Sribumi Solusindo

About Us

Ridho Sribumi Solusindo is a software development company that implement ERPNext system in Indonesia. We are ready to help and provide solutions for companies who like to build or implement an integrated system within their company. We had many experiences in developing as well as implementing ERP System in different types of companies in Indonesia.

Includes :

  • Manufacturing
  • Trading company
  • Retail company
  • Importer company
  • etc

Our Customers also varies in term of sizes from small company to large company.

Vision & Mission

  • Advancing and creating value of computerization and integrated system for business people in Indonesia.
  • Provide a one stop solution for our customer in implementing ERPNext.
  • Provide an efficient and effective integrated system for our customer.
  • Help our customer achieve their business goals.
  • Become an active and positive contributor to ERPNext system community in the world.

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